Your Next Event Video

Behind the Scenes
To start generating buzz in the days leading up to your event, record short videos of your team preparing for the event and give fans an inside look at your event. Record a band’s sound check or a time-lapse video of the construction of the stage to get the social media conversation started around your event.

Consider recording impromptu interviews with performers or your event crew. Have them describe what they are working on, how excited they are for the upcoming event or share a behind-the-scenes secret. Fans will love their candid responses!

Also, fan interviews on the day of the event can make a big splash. Ask what they’re most excited about or what they love about the event. Showcasing a fan’s upbeat perspective can help you gain more attendees for your next event.

Event Clips
Capture videos during your event for use on your website and social media. Be sure to record different segments throughout its runtime. Record a band’s most popular song or shots of people crowding into the venue and record the show from multiple angles.

Paid Advertising
YouTube, Google AdWords, and Facebook currently have ad platform options designed to share short videos to a targeted audience. No matter the size of your event marketing budget, these platforms will let you reach the right audience with your videos. Keep in mind you have about 10 seconds to engage your audience with these platforms before you lose them, so those first few seconds are very important. Make sure they count!