Laurie Levine @ The Goodluck Bar

Catch Laurie Levine unveiling her new sound at the official album launch of 'Canyons'.

Thu. 9 Nov, 2017 at 7:00pm @ The Goodluck Bar in Johannesburg

Singer songwriter Laurie Levine is best known for her fresh blend of Americana and folk music. The release of her new solo record, ‘Canyons’, brings with it a whole new sound and outlook. She has moved away from the acoustic terrain of country and folk into a lush world of electric guitars, beats, synths and spacious reverbs. ‘Canyons’ delves deep into the recesses of longing and nostalgia, with a burning hope as the undercurrent that gently washes through the record. Dark at times, introspective and pierced with a sublime beauty, the songs reverberate and shimmer with otherworldly elegance and intelligence.