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The 4 Ticketing Features You Need for Your Pop-Up Museum

Pop-Up Museum

  • By David Kennedy | Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

The 4 Ticketing Features You Need for Your Pop-Up Museum


Pop-up museums and exhibits are taking the event scene by storm, and it’s easy to see why. These events offer exciting, interactive experiences, unique photo opportunities, and so much more. With these events being in such high-demand, organizers need to make sure they are partnering with the right ticketing platform for optimum success.

Read on for our event experts’ list of ticketing features your pop-up museum needs to go above and beyond!

Optimize capacity and event day experiences

With droves of excited attendees ready to experience your event, you’ll need to be able to control the crowd capacity throughout the day. Easily eliminate any admission wait times with our timed entry functionality. Timed entry allows you to sell tickets at individual time slots so your customers will have a better experience, and your staff will be better equipped to manage the crowd. The best part? Each time slot is easily customizable, allowing you to quickly make any desired updates, and providing options to alert buyers when tickets for popular times are running low or sold out.

Control traffic of high-demand on-sales

When it comes to your pop-up museum’s highly anticipated ticket releases, the massive amounts of customers awaiting their chance to purchase a ticket can quickly become too much for some websites. Our custom-built virtual queue gives you the power to control site visitors during a high-demand ticket on-sale. With our queue, you can easily manage the flow of your online traffic and provide real-time updates to customers waiting in line. By controlling how many visitors can be on your event listing at one time, you’ll streamline the customer experience and gain peace of mind knowing your on-sale is poised to go off without a hitch!

Upsell merchandise with ticket sales

While your customers are already engaged with your event listing, why not capitalize on the opportunity to offer more? Increase your revenue and add convenience for your customers by selling additional items alongside your tickets like merchandise, premium parking passes, and more with our upselling feature. Before your customer completes their order, they’ll be presented with a pop-up window featuring any additional items or perks you have to offer.

Market right from the ticketing system

The ultimate success of a pop-up museum relies on your marketing strategy and public perception of the event. In order to ensure a successful run, you’ll want to spread awareness of the event as quickly and effectively as possible, and keep that buzz going from presale to on-sale to sold-out! Use our marketing dashboard to increase social engagement, sell tickets directly on your Facebook page, and gather intelligence from your marketing efforts. You’ll even be able to link to your Google Analytics and other third-party marketing platforms to track, optimize, and increase the ROI of your campaigns.

Our team supports some of today’s most popular pop-up museums and exhibits. Learn more about how our system and team can benefit your event, and contact us today!

Tixsa Welcomes Mission Without Borders

Mission Without Borders

Tixsa welcomes Mission Without Borders to our online ticketing platform. The Centurion MWB team is a vibrant and stand-up bunch of people and we are honoured to play a very small roll in helping them achieve their mission. 

"I doubt any other organisation has worked in the fashion you do, helping such a wide range of people." Evgenia Georgieva (Deputy Mayor, Simitly, Bulgaria)

They are a Christian organisation serving children, families and elderly people suffering poverty and oppression. Through practical and spiritual support they give hope by meeting urgent needs and building self-sufficient communities. For more information - CLICK HERE:

Support them on Fri. 3 Nov, 2017 at 6:30pm SAST

Well known and gifted artist, Etienne Labuschagne has donated works of art to Mission Without Borders (MWB). The proceeds of the silent auction will be used for the furtherance of the ministry of MWB in the following field countries: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.


Tracking Pixels

Why Tracking Pixels are Critical To Your Event Marketing Success

  • By Ashley Ranich | Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

A digital marketing strategy’s success lies in your ability to measure how much bang you get for your buck. That’s where tracking pixels come in. Tracking pixels record events, such as a ticket purchase, and collect user profiles from an HTML code snippet placed on any website page. By integrating this code with your event ticketing partner’s system, you can place pixels on your event listings and final receipt pages to measure the health of all of your online advertising campaigns!

Our event experts know the important role tracking pixels play, so we built our Marketing Account Integrations right into our system. Easily implement your tracking through our Marketing Dashboard for Google Analytics, Facebook, AdWords, Twitter, and many other popular platforms you’re already using! It’s never been easier to seamlessly collect the data you care about.

Learn more about how tracking pixels can improve your marketing strategy:

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Tixsa How To Weekly Series

How To Upsell Your Events

Let’s take a look at another way to promote your events: upselling.

Enabling the upsell option allows you to select events to display during the checkout process for any of your events. When customers reach the order review page, they’ll have the opportunity to conveniently add other event tickets to their shopping cart.

With upselling, you can promote the rest of your event calendar when customers are most engaged and ready to buy.

Estimated time: 3 minutes

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The Artists’ Press Limited Edition Print Pop Up Shop makes Tshwane debut

The Artists' Press Limited Edition Print Pop Up Shop is heading to Tshwane for the first time.

A one-day only event at Open Window Institute in Centurion on Saturday, September 2nd.

@Tixsa we have always stood behind and for arts and culture. We support, fight for and cherish our talented original artists. The Artists' Press Limited Edition Print Pop Up Shop and the people behind this amazing intitiative is such an event and we wish for all to know about the next Pop Up Shop in Centurion @ Open Window on Saturday 2 September. We urge you to support this fine event and it's world class artists.

The Pop Up Shop offers Tshwane-based art lovers the opportunity to purchase from the extensive selection of fine art prints made in the acclaimed Mpumulanga-based studio.  The Artists' Press is highly regarded for its work with both local and international artists who are invited to collaborate in the studio with Master Printer, Mark Attwood. 

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