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Tixsa Weekly How To Series

How To Search Customers And Create Segments

This month, we rolled out some major changes to our Customers section. With our new search and filter tools, you’re able to find customers more easily than ever, along with the brand new ability to add all sorts of columns and filtering options to your lists.

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New Development - TIMELINES

Good News!

Our partners and engineers have been busy with a couple of very helpful back-end development features.

The first one that rolled out is our New Timeline feature. You might have picked this up on your dashboard when looking at and pulling up reports.

A timeline is a data visualization representing your ticket sales, page views, or other datasets you select. The Timelines feature can stack multiple timelines, allowing you to compare trends across several events or different types of data.

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Tixsa Marketing Dashboard

Introducing: Tixsa Marketing Dashboard

The Tixsa Marketing Dashboard allows you to market your events right from our Admin. You can send promotional emails, connect third party marketing tools, and increase your event’s social presence all from one place.

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Mobile Delivery

Mobile Delivery Now Active On Your Tixsa Account:

You have the following Delivery Methods on your Tixsa account already.


Clients pay a small fee for the convenience of skipping the lines and printing your ticket in the convenience of their homes. This print@home ticket can also be downloaded onto any mobile device. Clients can download and show at the entrance, you scan the QR Code on their phones.

Will Call:

This option sends your client a bar-coded receipt; It is a valid ticket. It contains their complete order. They will not receive individual print@home tickets for this option. They can Print and bring along to the venue for validation.

We Like Happy ticket buyers –

With Mobile Delivery as a third option on how to receive their tickets we can now make ticket purchasing more convenient for customers with mobile ticket delivery and beautiful event pages that work on any device and your own website.

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