Our Team

Kendall Harbour

Social Media & marketing Manager

Efficiency & kindness is the name of the game when it comes to Miss Harbour – and that’s exactly why Team Tixsa and our clients love working with her. Kendall joined the Tixsa family in 2016 after using the system for an event she managed. After a pleasant working experience, both Tixsa and Kendall were pretty much smitten. She joined the team and both parties haven’t looked back ever since.
What Kendall loves most about her working environment is that not one work day is the same. She loves seeing all the creative new events popping up and working with new individuals and clients in the world of entertainment and events. She recons one of the coolest experiences she’s had with Tixsa, is to see happy and satisfied faces of clients when ticket scanning is done quickly , friendly and effectively. This young lady has many other talents that make her an irresistible human being. One of these talents includes her soothing alto voice which she struts singing in an elite performance choir called The Vox Collective and she is also a part of the Bye Felicia band. Kendall enjoys attending all music related and outdoor events. Oh, and did we mention that she is a social media guru? When asked the words Kendall Harbour lives by, she smilingly says:

“Be kind to one another.”