Our Team

Paul du Plessis

Customer Care Representative

Paul Du Plessis is Tixsa’s “care bear” (though he might humbly deny this statement as this might ruin is “street cred”).   There is certainly no length Paul and his calm and caring demeanor won’t go to, to ensure our ticket buyers are cared for. Paul’s journey with Tixsa started out by assisting with access management and manning our support desk part-time. Today we are proud to share that Paul has joined as a permanent team member where he ensures that our support desk runs smoothly. When asked about what Paul loves most about his job – here’s what he had to say: “My favorite part of working for Tixsa is working at events and seeing how people are impressed about how fast our system runs and how splendid our teamwork is.  “Paul is also a bit of an IT fundi and loves working on computers – especially the hardware – in his spare time. He is a passionate computer gamer and believe it or not – he is a great car enthusiast. He loves building up old cars or following all the hottest trends in the motoring world. Taking all the above into consideration – it’s no wonder Paul loves attending computer gaming, technology and various motoring industry events.

Paul’s favorite saying:  “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.”