FAQ for Event Organisers

How do I get paid for my ticket sales?

Set up your payment options when you create your account — you won't be able to collect payment from your ticket sales until you do!
Move your cursor over the Settings link and select Payment Settings.
If you haven't already done so, complete your Account Settings. You will need to provide contact information, as well as a name for your organisation and a valid mailing address. Click Save Account Info when you're finished.
On the Payment Settings menu, enter your information to set up payment by check after the event. (Please note: If you are interested in direct deposit, please contact your Account Manager or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is a longer application process for advance direct deposit, and not all clients will qualify. Most clients will qualify for direct deposit after the event.)

How do I find / print my guest list?

The guest list is a live record of customers to any given event.

  • Visit the Event Overview page. Click the Events tab and find your event. Click the title to open the Event Overview.
  • Open the guest list for the event. Move your cursor over the Admissions button and select Guest List.
  • View your guest list. From this page, you can see all tickets and ticket holders for the event, and access a version of the guest list that is optimized for printing the necessary information.

Online Check-In

On the right, you'll see a complete list of all tickets and ticket holders for the event. Click an individual barcode number to check in a ticket. Once a ticket has been checked in (and greyed / crossed out), you can check that ticket out by clicking it again.

Search For Guests

Use the search bar on the far right to dynamically filter your guest list.

Print Guest List

Click "View Printable Version" to open a version of the guest list that has been optimised for printing. The printed guest list includes all tickets and ticket holders for the event.

How do I scan tickets at my event?

Axess is our official app that transforms an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a ticket scanner.

Where is the link to my event page?

You can find the link to your event at any time by clicking View Listing on the Event Overview. The event page URL can be edited on Step 3 of the event setup / editing process. Find your event in the admin. Click Edit while on the event's dashboard page. Click Step 3 (Options). Scroll down to the bottom of the Additional Details section. The event's unique URL is indicated in URL Short Name field.

10 Questions to Ask When You’re Looking for an Event Ticketing System

How do we know what makes an ideal ticketing partner?

Our experts have years of experience working directly with promoters, box office managers and other event professionals. Easier hardware. Expert consultation. Proven reliability for major on sales. Creative social media promotion. Convenient payment processing. These are the elements that matter to event professionals, and these are the tools that help you make great events.

1. When can I start selling tickets?

It’s never too early to start selling tickets. Time-consuming event ticketing setup can force you to miss out on potential ticket sales. Process ticket sales with a system that offers a quick turnaround.

2. What hardware can I use with the system?

iOS ticket scanning apps can be a user-friendly and affordable substitute for proprietary ticket scanners. Meanwhile, an iPad-friendly box office and compatible ticket printers help you process tickets wherever you do business. Boca printers, janam scanners, USB scanners. Your choice in ticketing software should love them all.

3. Do I need to install new software?

Ticketing systems do not have to rely on expensive proprietary software. Web-based ticketing allows you to access your inventory on your schedule, while managing your events on any computer with Internet access.

4. Is the system easy to use?

Web-based ticketing is often more user-friendly than traditional platforms. Find a solution that maintains a balance of easy setup and navigation with strong functionality. The best ticketing systems are regularly optimized based on feedback from the people who actually use the software.

5. How do I connect with social media?

Over 90% of people trust peer recommendations when shopping online, while only 14% trust direct advertising. Extend your reach, and encourage your fans to talk about you. Reward your customers for spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Can I sell tickets on my website?

Don’t drag your customers to an unfamiliar website just to order their tickets. Add the entire checkout process to your own site or Facebook Page, and keep customers engaged with your brand.

7. Can I welcome huge crowds at the gate?

For crowds of any capacity, you want to keep lines moving and make sure customers are enthusiastic. Event Operations experts can advise on the best practices for admissions and staff training, while reliable, leased hardware can provide a faster solution for ticket scanning. RFID access may be an ideal approach for major events.

8. Will the company provide customer support?

One of the most valuable parts of your customer relationship is your accessibility — especially for support. Keep your ticket buyers happy with full customer service. Depending on the company, customer care may be available through an in-house call center, free of charge.

9. How much training and support will I receive?

Nothing beats training from an expert to make the event day much easier. A dedicated Account Manager can provide consultation and answer questions on the fly, while an Event Operations team can provide on-site training and expertise to make your admissions run more smoothly.

10. How and when do I get paid for my ticket sales?

For event promoters, getting paid quickly means covering expenses on time and making the most of your event planning. The ticketing company can even leave the finances in your hands by providing direct deposit options or integrating with your merchant account.


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