Take full control of your festival. 

Create unforgettable live experiences for your attendees and connect your community with our complete solutionWhether your next festival event is hosted completely online or is an in-person event with virtual components, it’s important to settle on the right event technology to turn your online dreams into a reality. To create your complete festival, it’s key to partner with an integrated event technology solution in order to provide a seamless fan journey from start to finish. 

Transform the customer journey with one flexible solution. 

Create the ultimate festival or fair and provide a flawless customer journey from beginning to end with our integrated live events solution. Take advantage of our ticketing, access control, mobile apps, cashless payments, and experiential marketing technology to give your attendees an unforgettable experience all day long. With our immersive features you’ll create a festival that draws crowds from all over. 


Create a central event page where any customer can purchase access to your virtual and in-person events.  

Open Content

Stream live content so in-person and virtual attendees can share in the experience at the same time. 

Celebrity Experiences

Give every attendee a legendary experience with personal meet & greets and recorded celebrity messages.

Mobile App

Showcase everything your hybrid event has to offer and stay connected to your fans with a branded mobile app. 

Community Engagement

Make your event fully accessible so attendees can go to live sessions with friends or host their own watch party at home.  

Deeper Knowledge

Learn more about your audience like never before with complete insights from every event interaction.  

Greater Revenue

Constantly offer highly-anticipated experiences and monetize each one to increase your bottom line. ROI is tricky to calculate at events because of all the moving pieces. 

However, hybrid events offer increased return on investment, due mainly to the increased reach and the scalability. 

Because you are getting more attendance through your hybrid events, that can translate into greater views for sponsors and more sign ups after the event. 

Endless Possibilities

Transform your event with the best parts of in-person and virtual experiences with a complete suite of event technology. A hybrid event can report on many relevant metrics, with our robust reporting features ensuring your sponsors see that they spent their money well. 

Nonstop Engagement

Create fully immersive online and in-person experiences that captivate your attendees no matter where they are. Adding a virtual element to your live event opens up many more engagement opportunities than would be possible at a strictly live event, both during and post-event. 

Expansive Audiences

Grow your worldwide community and connect them with your local audiences in seconds. A study found that nearly 98% of attendees at a hybrid event were not planning to attend live, meaning your event can reach a new audience who either is uninterested in going to your live event or unsure of the benefits. 

Did you know you can enable attendees to view and purchase your merchandise without leaving your stream?

The perfect event isn’t online or in person; it’s both. With a virtually limitless event technology solution, you’ll make your experience accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time by creating something that takes the best elements from in-person and virtual events. Expand the boundaries of what an event can be and reach new audiences around the world, foster deeper connections with your local fan base, then bring your entire community together with a hybrid event that’s specifically tailored to your needs. 

We like to describe a hybrid event as "a physical meeting or gathering in which an online audience also participates". Essentially, both the physical as well as the online audience come together and participate in the same experience or content at the same time, from different locations.