Fri. 12 Jul, 2019 at 7:00pm

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Does the 1968's recording of the Staccatos hit “Cry To Me” take
you back in time??

Fifty years later and ‘The boys are back’ to bring it back to live!
The STACCATOS REVIVAL SHOW will take audiences on a trip
down memory lane. To this day, many South Africans fondly recall
the days of happy Springbok Radio listening, so get ready for the
nostalgic show of all time.

The show features, among others, hits from Elvis, Brian
Adams, The Archie’s, The Beatles, The Animals, The
Monkees, Free, Bee Gees, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin,
Michael Bolton, Doobie Brothers, Robben Ford, Clearwater
Revival and South Africa’s own beat Band the Staccatos.

The cast moves with ease between genres taking a
sentimental journey through decades and sharing with the
audience the all-time favourites that touch the heart.

The show has it all – beautiful melodies, lyrics filled with nostalgia
and arrangements that will give you chills. Famous old songs and
new stories will keep the audience spell bound.
The band features the phenomenal Steve Ashley (former Lead
Vocalist of the Staccatos on vocals again, and the founder Brian Le
Gassick (Guitar & Vocals), and a four piece supporting band
consisting of Vincent Du Chenne (Keyboards & Vocals), Cuan Du
Chenne (Drums), Steve Crozet (Bass Guitar) and Tienie Smith
(Lead Guitar & Vocals).

Additional information:
For more information on this press release/show
proposal, please contact Ebeth Loots,
Promotor/Manager/PR of Steve Ashley and The
Landline 011 955 4506
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