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Managing Innovation: How Innovative is your organisation?

Gain the understanding of what is holding you back on making innovation a success and building a culture of innovation.


The program consists of a HALF DAY WORKSHOP and ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATION facilitated by one of the world’s most leading authorities on Innovation, Gijs van Wulfen; together with Coenie Middel CA(SA), one of the world’s most inspiring accountants.

Through expert presentations, group discussions, practical experiences, and the use of our Innovation ScoreApp, you will gain new insights to your entrepreneurial challenges.

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Dates and Times:

  • 05 September; 08h30-14h00
  • 06 September; 08h00-17h00 (Depending on individual timeslots)

You will get a full report on:

  • How clear your goals and vision are to everyone
  • What your culture is like
  • How’s management’s support for creative initiatives
  • How structured are your innovation process
  • Do you have clear business criteria and key performance indicators that employees must fulfil at the start of your initiatives
  • Involvement of customers in your process
  • How much of your current revenue made products launched in the last few years
  • How many of your initiatives were successful and not

This workshop will help you:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses in your innovation approach.
  • Employ the best practices in your innovation journey.
  • Identifying and analysing entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Apply the right techniques to get optimal results from opportunities.
  • Ensure that your innovation continues in times of shrinking budgets and resources.
  • Access your company’s capabilities accurately and rethink your strategy.
  • Lead essential change in your organisation.
  • Expand your personal and professional network.

This workshop is designed for:

  • Senior executives, general managers, or business owners who are responsible for setting the strategic direction for their organisations.
  • Senior managers with the responsibility for developing new products and services from functional areas such as research and development, engineering, product management, marketing, operations, finance, and strategy.
  • Executives and general managers in service delivery companies.
  • Consultants providing strategic advice to customers.
  • Executives responsible for jump-starting innovation at established firms.

For more information, view our event brochure, on the Middel & Partners events webpage here