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Introducing: Live Streaming for Virtual Events

Take control of your entire event and create unforgettable online experiences with our complete technology solution

By David Kennedy

Today’s event attendees are more connected than ever before, which makes this the perfect time to create an online version of your live event. With the release of our forward-thinking virtual events solution, you’ll be able to reach new audiences, gain deeper insights, and monetise your online events. With our ticketing, event management, and marketing tools, along with an intuitive way to control access to your streamed events, our solution gives you everything you need to create, promote, and generate real revenue from virtual events.

Read on as we walk you through the benefits of utilising our platform to host your virtual events!

Maximise Revenue:

Monetise your streamed events by choosing from a variety of paid access options. Depending on your content, consider offering pre-set price level tiers, one flat price, or utilise options like donation solicitation or our pay-what-you-want feature with a suggested price. You can even provide additional up-sells like merchandise, fan club memberships, and VIP upgrades for access to exclusive video content right on the purchase page!

Streamline Event Management

Use our customisable event listings to sell access for your virtual event the same way you would for an in-person event. Add your event branding, tailor price levels, donations, and descriptions, and manage your stream access options all from one place! Once attendees are ready to attend your virtual event, they’ll be directed to a custom pre-event screen that displays your event details and a timer counting down until your start time.

Expand Your Reach

With the flexibility of a purely online experience, you can host your event from anywhere you choose and create a memorable online experience for attendees. Tap into new audiences and drive engagement by giving attendees all over the world a front row seat to your virtual event. As a bonus, at the conclusion of your live stream, you’ll be able to present a personalised message to your audience thanking them for attending. Provide a call-to-action on the post-event screen to encourage attendees to continue engaging with your event and provide information about your future streams!

Gain Valuable Insights

Utilise customer and access code data to better understand your audience and optimise future marketing campaigns. Instead of a conventional ticket, your customers will be provided with a unique access code upon completing their purchase.

This access code provides them entry into your stream, just like a ticket to an in-person event. By providing a unique code for each customer, you’ll be able to secure entry, track who attends your event, and ensure that one code can be used for only a single stream of your exclusive content.

Ready to take your event experience online? Learn more about our full virtual events offering provided by our parent company, Patron Technology, and let’s create an unforgettable experience together!

Contact us now! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Drive Ticket Sales by Remarketing to Loyal Attendees

Drive Ticket Sales by Re-marketing to Loyal Attendees

By Lanre Keyede

When it comes to effective event marketing, there’s no audience segment more likely to convert than your loyal customers.

That’s where digital re-marketing tactics come into play.

By targeting your efforts toward those who’ve attended one or more of your events in the past, you’ll be connecting with an audience who’s already familiar with your brand and interested in what your event has to offer.

This historically engaged segment is the perfect target for your re-marketing efforts, often leading to increased ROI and an overall boost in ticket sales.

Not sure where to begin?

You’re in the right place! Read on for ideas on the audience and platforms you should use to re-market your events!

Target Two Key Audiences


  • As your yet-to-sell-out event approaches, you’ll likely be paying even closer attention to your marketing efforts, searching for every opportunity to take your campaigns over the finish line. What you may not have realised is that you’ve been sitting on the perfect target audience for your next round of ads all along!
  • Using the customer data, you’ve collected from past ticket sales; you can identify customers who’ve attended one or more of your events in the past but have yet to make a purchase for your latest experience.
  • This segment represents a group of customers who’ve had an affinity for your brand, and if you’ve got the right tools, they’re easy to identify!
  • For instance, our Segments tool enables event organisers to dig deep into their past event data, quickly identify those who have attended any number of past events, and then determine if they have yet to pull the trigger on that next set of tickets.


  • Re-marketing doesn’t have to end when a customer buys a ticket!
  • There’s always an opportunity to push post-sale add-ons or upgrades for your event.
  • For example, if you want to drive attendance for an additional on-site activity, like a meet & greet or exclusive VIP experience, send your registered attendees an email blast promoting it.
  • You can also create lists of ticket buyers who have yet to upgrade and create targeted ads that encourage further action from those already planning to attend.
  • Plus, you can leverage your attendee database and empower sponsors to send personalised messages to your audience, or you can send surveys to collect information on your attendees’ interests and preferences.
  • Then, use that information for your future events and campaigns.

Use Different Marketing Channels

  1. Once you’ve determined your target audience(s), you should choose the best channel to reach them.
  2. Upload these lists into different marketing platforms and tailor your messaging to them.

We’ve broken down a few tried-and-true channels we recommend you re-market on:

1. Paid Social Media Ads

  • With paid social ads, you can display unique aspects of your events through a variety of visually engaging content.
  • These ads are an effective way to drive awareness by highlighting exciting features like celebrity guests and performance lineup announcements. And if you’re looking to expand your reach beyond just your past attendees, you can also create new audiences that share similarities to your customer list.

2. Google Ads

  • Through Google Display ads, you can place your banner ad creatives on Google’s network of 2 million+ websites.
  • Upload the customer list you’d like to re-market to, and your event branding will follow them as they browse the internet, providing a recurring reminder to make that desired purchase.

3. Email Campaigns

  • Email is a great way to reach your audience! With email campaigns, you can periodically incentivise your past attendees to return to the show. For example, send messages with discount codes and special offers to loyal ticket buyers like a 10% off coupon code if they purchase in the next 5 days.
  • Ready to start your attendee re-marketing journey? Find out more about our Segments tool, and let’s get started today!

4. Segments

  • Utilise Segments to filter and group your customers based on criteria such as location, spending habits, purchase history, event attendance, and more.
  • Sell more tickets and better engage with customers by developing a deeper understanding of their needs and preferences.
  • Launch highly targeted marketing campaigns, re-marketing ads, and customer loyalty emails.

Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - We will help you reach your targeted audiences.

Open your in-person events!

Manage event capacity with ease.

   Timed Entry

Control capacity at individual time slots and always know who is in attendance. By managing entrance times to your event, you can stagger admissions to ensure social distancing and set dedicated cleaning and sanitizing times throughout the day.

   Reserved Seating

Build out an exact replica of your venue and enable customers to select their seats ahead of time. Group seats together and require customers to purchase entire blocks to keep interaction between parties to a minimum.

   General Admission

Set up tables for your venue and require attendees to reserve an entire table when they purchase tickets to your event. Once they arrive, attendees can claim a table on a first-come-first-served basis.

Create a contactless event experience.


Get attendees into your event safely and quickly with touchless admissions technology. Empower your staff to easily scan in QR codes, or use RFID technology to admit customers with a wave of their wristband or badge. 


Strengthen your contact tracing efforts by encouraging every attendee to register early for your event so you can collect more data and contact them afterwards with any important health information. Plus, you can add required waivers directly into your pre-event registration.

 Mobile Ordering

Enable attendees to order and pay for concessions from your app. After they place their order, attendees can pick it up directly from the vendor, skipping the lines and stay socially distanced throughout the entire process.

 Cashless Payments

Empower your customers to make purchases with a wave of their RFID wristband, and reduce queuing across your event. With cashless payments, attendees can make purchases without physical interaction.

Stay in constant communication with attendees.

 Email Reminders

Share important information with your customers before, during, and after your event. Use our email reminder feature to alert your attendees 24 hours before your event of your onsite rules, safety regulations, and processes.

 Push Notifications

Deliver impactful messaging to attendees directly to their phones. During your event, use push notifications and proximity messaging to remind attendees of pertinent information based on their interests, location, and more through your app. 

 Post-Event Outreach

Take advantage of the attendee data collected before and during your event to send them targeted communications afterwards, like important health information, promotions for future events, and more. 

Maintain social distancing while fully immersing attendees.


Self-Serve Media Activations

Set up media activations and gamified experiences attendees can interact with without staff assistance. Offer games like digital scavenger hunts so attendees can earn points and win prizes, and set up onsite activations so they can take their own unique photos and videos

 Lead Capture

Allow customers to leave a “digital business card” with your sponsors and vendors with a wave of their RFID wristbands. You’ll capture attendee data throughout your entire event, so you know exactly who they are and what they’re interacting with. 

Expand your reach to worldwide audiences.

 Live Streaming

Deliver compelling content to worldwide attendees by live streaming your in-person event. If attendees can’t make it to your event, enable them to purchase access to your live stream to watch at their convenience.

 Virtual Meet & Greets

Give attendees the chance to meet their favorite celebrities from the comfort of their own home with virtual meet & greets. With powerful features like live celebrity chats and personalized videos, you’ll engage global audiences and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Know your attendees like never before. 

 Historical Data

Tap into your historical attendance data to help plan for your reopening. Learn high-traffic days and times and know which in-event experiences are most popular so you can better allocate resources and spread out attendee arrival times as needed. 

 Real-Time Insights

Ensure your event is always running smoothly with real-time data features. Get up-to-the-minute event updates sent to your phone, receive alerts when a certain number of attendees have been admitted or VIPs arrive, and view daily automated reports on your most important event data. 

The Queen Show by the Mzansi Ballet

Mzansi Ballet, in association with Fourways Mall, is happy to announce the re-staging of The Queen Show, a celebration of ballet and dance to the timeless music of Queen, following a very successful season in Johannesburg end of 2020. This will be the first live professional ballet and dance performance in Fourways Mall, celebrating life and positivity while observing all social distancing protocols.


“The Mzansi Ballet presents The Queen Show, and with exquisite dancers that you can’t take your eyes off and music that keeps you jiving in your seat all night long, this one is for the whole family!” – Theatre ZA


This fresh and new production choreographed by Angela Revie, internationally acclaimed choreographer, and her husband, Michael Revie. Mr Revie has been a star dancer in South Africa for a number of years and has danced with world ballet companies such as Zurich Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet. In South Africa he has been known for his technique and virtuosity. Angela and Michael Revie will both be dancers in the show.


Some other members of the cast include Alison Lee Sischy and all the way from Cape Town is Aviwe November. Joining the cast from the Eastern Cape is Xola Willie. This beautiful cast will be completed by some of the hottest young South African ballerinas most of whom have won awards nationally and internationally.


World-renowned fashion designer and stylist, David Hutt, is the official costume designer for “The Queen Show”. With over 20 years’ experience in the world of advertising, film, and television, Hutt has worked with an array of iconic brands - from French Vogue to Lachapelle. David Hutt’s brand has always been synonymous with style.


The Queen Show will run from 8 – 17 October at Fourways Mall in the promotions Court.

Tickets are available via www.tixsa.co.za or via the ArtOfLife app.

Make Money Virtually in 2021

11 Ways for Event Organizers to Make Money Virtually in 2021

By David Kennedy | Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Online formats offer endless possibilities for event organizers to monetize their event offering and reach larger audiences, so it’s the perfect opportunity to try out new revenue-driving strategies. Read on for our list of 11 ways event organizers can make money online in 2021 and beyond.

Creative Live Stream Content

Your paid live streams don’t have to stop with major event content. Think outside the box and offer exclusives like behind-the-scenes walk-throughs, backstage tours, and informal interviews with your talent or your event staff, to give an inside peek into your events.

Virtual Tipping

Accompany your live streams and other virtual content with the option for viewers to easily provide a monetary tip to your organization, talent, or staff, without ever having to leave your stream! Plus, collect data on who tips and when, and use this to influence future marketing efforts.


Fans and attendees know that many event organizations are coming off of a challenging year. Consider having a donation option on your ticket purchase page or as part of your live stream so your fans can easily help support your organization!

Video on Demand 

Your streams don’t have to be one-off experiences! Giving your ticket buyers the opportunity to view your pre-recorded performances, interviews, panels, or classes at any time in a video on demand format enables you to cater to an even wider audience, free of time restraints or scheduling limitations.

Meet & Greets

As a common feature of in-person concerts, conventions, and more, meet & greet opportunities can provide a valuable revenue stream. Offer virtual meet & greet sessions as a standalone experience or as part of a full online event, and work with celebrities, performers, and creators to provide face-to-face video chats between paying attendees and their idols!

Exclusive Merchandise

You can continue to turn your attendees into free brand ambassadors and grow your revenue by offering exclusive branded merchandise such as t-shirts, lanyards, hats, and more! Consider adding merchandise upsells to your online ticket checkout, or directly into your live stream page, adding convenience for your customers while they’re most engaged and helping you sell more merch overall.

Personalised Video Messages

Keep fans and their favorite celebrities, performers, and artists connected by selling personalized, pre-recorded video shoutouts. Invite fans to submit a form providing their name, contact information, and their video message request, and give your talent the ability to provide availability and specifics on the types of messages they’re open to, video length, and more!


It’s important to explore sponsorships as a key revenue source, and hosting your event online provides many new sponsorship opportunities you can offer. From branded interactive games to sponsored exclusive watch parties, there are plenty of effective sponsorship opportunities for live streams!


Pre-stream video messages, newsletter or live stream ad placements, mobile banner ads, and post-stream messaging are just a few examples of advertising options event organizers could sell to relevant, interested parties.

Presales for Future Events

You’re doing well with virtual events, but your team is starting to shift focus back to in-person experiences. Consider offering discounted pre-sales for your future in-person or hybrid events, giving excited attendees something to look forward to, and giving your organization a jump on that ticket revenue.

Hybrid Event Experiences

The perfect event experience isn’t online or in person; it’s both. When it’s safe and restrictions are lifted, reach a wider audience and make your experience accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time by creating a hybrid event that takes the best elements from in-person and virtual events!

Interested in learning more about how these virtual money-making opportunities can work for your event? Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.