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Accept donations and free registrations directly through your event listings.

 By Charlene McKenzie

With limited capacities and free registrations for your events/gatherings, we would like to offer you our software and platform to assist with further donations to your organisations as well to register attendances. Do you have a conference you want your employees to register for? Tixsa has the solution for you.

With our customisable donations feature, your customers can become benefactors in the exact same place they purchase tickets or register for a free event or gathering.

Offering the option to donate in your online checkout can make a big difference. In many cases, your customers are already purchasing tickets to your event, so there is a good chance that they will be interested in further supporting your organisation when given the option. Plus, instead of accepting donations separately, it is all in one transaction, convenient for you and your customers. Not to mention, processing all these transactions through the same system provides you with streamlined financial reporting options and gives your customers a familiar checkout experience when donating.

Within our Admin, you can easily enable donations as you create your event. Once you turn this feature on, customers will see a box encouraging them to “Make a Donation,” with the option for them to enter any dollar amount. You may also set a suggested donation amount, which will automatically be added to the donation box, while still allowing customers to raise or lower the amount. The amount will get added to their total and paid for in one transaction, but you will be able to use our reporting tools to see donations and ticket sales separately.

Want to learn more? Feel free to contact our Client Support team today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Rina Hugo: Hartsliedere


Rina Hugo is  telkens in haar loopbaan as een van die mees veelsydigste sangeresse beskryf.  In haar suksesvolle loopbaan is haar plate en cd’s talle kere met goue en platinum status bekroon, het sy talle eerbewyse ontvang en belangrike  musiekpryse gewen.  Sy is ook telkens as die gewildste sangeres in die land aangewys en het al opgetree in feitlik alle tv-musiekprogramme wat op die lug was.

Rina het ‘n jarelange verbintenis met die Christelike Seemansorganisasie.  Sy het reeds meer as 400 kerk- en seniorburgeroptredes regoor Suid-Afrika gedoen, waartydens die doelstellings en werksaamhede van die CSO verduidelik en bevorder is. Toe hierdie aksies en ook die aktiewe sendingwerk in ons hawens skielik gestop is deur die Covid-19 pandemie het Rina besluit om ‘n aanlyn musiekprogram ten bate van die CSO aan te bied.

Haar program bestaan uit geestelike sowel as sekulêre liedere wat sy oor die jare gesing en opgeneem het.  “Ek het van my bekende musiek gekies wat my tydens die inperkingstyd bemoedig het en ek hoop dit gaan dieselfde vir die gehoor doen. Dis alles musiek wat wat my na aan die hart lê en daarom noem ek die program, Hartsliedere.

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“Unity is the key to overcoming this epidemic. As we have close relationships with both the National Department of Health, local departments of Health and the Academic Hospitals, we are also receiving requests for assistance for theatre scrubs for staff coming to the hospital to prevent infection, additional masks and equipment, Lubner continues by considering what would the wisdom of Madiba be in these times . He would want us to be “responsibly kind.”

Take precaution for yourselves but help others. Only through working in support of one another can we overcome! Let’s acknowledge and thank the healthcare workers who put themselves at risk to care for us all! Whether this virus decimates our people or acts as the unification we South Africans want and help is up to us!”

Hedley Lewis, CEO of Smile Foundation, comments: "Smile Foundation would like to extend a huge thanks to Tixsa for partnering with us on this crucial campaign as well as many other campaigns to impact the lives of South Africans in order to uplift their lives. The Tixsa facility is a highly reputable and highly recommended online facility that has evolved into being a platform used for the NGO world to support their needs."

As you can see your support is more important than ever, and we urge you to consider your assistance to both our foundation and those on the frontline. This is the moment when humanity needs to unite, a moment when our country needs to unite, a moment when your contribution will have the greatest impact. We support and salute all doctors, nurses and care workers on the frontline of South Africa’s battle against coronavirus.

DONATE HERE: https://tickets.tixsa.co.za/event/help-those-on-the-frontline

#helpthoseonthefrontline CHARITY CONCERTS: https://tickets.tixsa.co.za/events/smilefoundation

You can expect 8 weekend concerts involving 120 artists from all around South Africa

We have built in a WIN for all!

The CONCERT themes are:


Be bold and buy your concert series ticket for all 8 shows!

The Justice League™ Virtual Run Series

For the first time in South Africa! Grab your capes, sidekicks and get ready for the most Heroic 5k Virtual Run / Walk on the Planet as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League™ members land in cities around South Africa!  

Join us for an out-of-this-world experience from the producers of The Color Run SA,

in conjunction with Warner Bros. Consumer Products.


Missed out on a DC Super Hero Virtual Run? Join us on 13 December, 2020, runners & walkers, can once more enter for anyone of their favourite DC Super Heroes. This event is for all 5 Super Heroes together, forming the Justice LeagueTM. You can choose to enter as either Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman and The Flash, or even for more than one.

Enter The Justice League™ Virtual Run. Join your fellow runners (or walkers, crawlers and cyclists) and experience the heroics of completing a 2.5km, 5km, 7.5km or 10km run/walk in your very own neighbourhood.

Fly to our website www.justiceleagueseries.co.za and give the "ENTER HERE" button a SUPER HERO KAPOW! You will unlock your Super Hero access from this page.

Don’t forget to follow the Justice League™ Run Series on Facebook, Twitter and 
Instagram for the latest news, special offers and more.
Oh, and don't forget your merchandise: CLICK HERE

TIXSA Goes Virtual

 By Kendall Harbour

The TIXSA platform features:

  • live streaming
  • videos
  • collaboration capabilities
  • 'pay what you want' donation feature


The TIXSA platform can easily be integrated directly into its ticketing products where event organisers can provide unique and secure access to enter their virtual events. The solution is designed to provide a way for event organisers to manage virtual events through a single platform, collect valuable customer data and offer multiple ways to monetise their online events - all while offering ticket buyers a highly-anticipated, engaging online experience.


Contact us here (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to take your event to the next level.