Online Ticket Sales

Online Ticket Sales

Simplified online ticket sales

Easier ticket purchases = more ticket sales

Tired of subjecting your customers to pages and pages of confirmations just to buy a ticket? Give your customers a hassle-free ticket buying experience. From high demand on-sales to exclusive member registrations, tixsa's event ticketing system makes online purchasing easier.

Total ticketing management

Control all of your event tickets in one place
  • Manage inventory for GA or reserved seating events.
  • Offer special payment plans, group sales, discount codes, name-your-price flexibility and more.
  • Provide convenient delivery options, such as print-at-home or mobile tickets.
  • Survey your customers with custom questions during checkout.
  • Launch recurring events easily or combine tickets into multi-event packages.

High demand, high standards
If you’re expecting a major rush, our system is ready
Our engineers painstakingly test and fine-tune every aspect of our checkout process to ensure that your customers have a smooth buying experience, even when thousands of other transactions are happening at the same time. The ShowClix (Our American Partners) platform is built on a cloud computing model, so we can easily bring additional resources online to deal with high demand.

Full access to your ticketing

ShowClix is ready when you are

Need to look up your inventory on a Saturday at midnight? You won’t need to contact our office to make urgent changes to your events. Just log in to your tixsa account anytime — anywhere you have Internet access — and manage your events on your schedule. After all, they may be on our system, but they’re still your events.

Creating events in tixsa is incredibly simple. The system walks you through each step in an easy-to-follow, logical manner, and the little help bubbles are, well... helpful!

Online Ticket Sales

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