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Keep the lines moving with fast ticket scanners

Slow admissions can create crowded, frustrated lines — help your staff move faster with Axess, our free ticket scanner app for iOS and Android. Install the app to turn your devices into fully functional ticket scanners, complete with scan history and a search function to look up customers on the fly.

RFID Access

The new way to welcome your attendees

Admit crowds faster than ever with tixsa's RFID access control solution. Deliver tickets embedded with RFID tags on badges, wristbands and more, so while the event is happening, you'll be able to measure important admissions stats in real time and prevent fraudulent entry at the gate.

Flexible, secure admissions

Be prepared wherever events happen

Verify tickets quickly and securely for all types of tickets, including barcodes for mobile, print at home and thermal tickets. You’ll need to connect to local Wi-Fi to download your tickets and synchronize devices across multiple points of entry, while the app makes your scanners totally portable.

Complete access control

Improve your admissions with easier tools

Looking for a reliable way to monitor admissions? Handle check-ins and observe your scanning progress with an online guest list. The feature syncs with your ticket scanners (via Wi-Fi) as customers are admitted. Of course, you can always sell last-minute tickets at the gate and keep track of every single sale with Crowd.

Need scanning hardware?

We can provide what you need

Upgrade your admissions with compatible ticket scanning hardware, available for lease or purchase from tixsa. Leased ticket scanners can also include Linea Pro attachments for laser scanning, which increase battery life and allow you to scan twice as fast.

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