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Partnering with us

Partnering with Tixsa, work with Tixsa? Every member of the Tixsa team is focused on helping you provide a great ticketing experience for your ticket buyers to maintain a solid relationship with them. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a client to consider a Tixsa Account Manager to be an integral part of their team. From on-sale to on-site, we want to help you create unforgettable events.


  • Online ticket sales. Responsive, secure checkout on our website or yours. Add coupons, content and more.
  • Box office software. A flexible, web-based platform that makes it easy to sell tickets at any point of sale.
  • Reserved seating. Sell tickets to GA or reserved seating events. Our team builds seating charts in the system.
  • Access control. Fast, durable iOS ticket scanning.


  • Social Media Marketing. Turn customers into promoters by offering discounts in exchange for sharing on social media.
  • Email Outbox. Communicate with ticket buyers by sending important updates or promos from the system.
  • Mobile ticket delivery. Make tickets more convenient by delivering tickets to smartphones. Print at home, thermal and will call also available.
  • Free ad space on tickets. Take advantage of free advertising for yourself or sponsors on every print at home ticket.


  • Get started and put tickets on sale quickly for a small once off upfront fee.
  • Reliable analytics. Measure your success and maintain detailed records of every transaction.
  • Get paid fast. Payment by check or direct deposit (for qualified clients). Ask about merchant integration.
  • Financial security. PCI compliance for secure checkouts and prompt refund processing.


  • Dedicated Account Management. Consistent setup, support and consultation with one of our team members.
  • Customer call center. A call center for support questions and ticket sales, staffed in-house.
  • On-site training. Request a visit from an Account Manager to help you prepare for the event.
  • Hardware for lease. Skip the hassle by leasing scanners and printers directly from Tixsa.

Tixsa-powering the Extension of Your Brand

When you want to sell tickets you will be faced with an either or choice. You can; either sell tickets through brand X (which leaves little room for your brand to extend through the sales flow of online transactions) or, employ a “white-label” solution that enables your venue, team or organisation to wrap its colours and logos around a transaction engine.

The purveyors of HYPE will tell you they’re “Introducing a “white-label” solution” when in reality several companies have been offering “white-label” ticketing services for years (our partners have been doing it for over a decade).

When faced with this either/or decision (brand X vs “white-label”) resist the temptation to group all “white-label” offerings together. The devil is in the details of the technology.

So how do you ensure a good “fit” when it comes to choosing a ticketing solution?

The questions you should be answering when choosing a platform for your ticketing function are: what system will allow me to EXTEND MY BRAND versus simply allowing me to fix my logo to a position on a banner? (A subtle, yet powerful distinction) And, which of the “white-label” offerings best EXTENDS TECHNOLOGY in a way that meets or exceeds the vision I have for this organisation/team/venue.

After all, selling tickets is not just about selling tickets, it’s about taking full advantage of CRM, dynamic pricing, wider distribution, stored value, online reserved seating maps, mobility, social media integration and taking advantage of these on your terms (not on terms dictated to you by a ticketing provider or its closed system architecture).

Slapping your label on something that isn’t best of breed technology doesn’t cut it. You, and your organisation, need and deserve more.

Reasons to use us

We offer leading solutions for event professionals and it comes down to this: we've got super-low fees, many time- and money-saving features, and a friendly staff that's always willing to help. Whether you sell 100 or 100,000 tickets/month, we can help you make more money on every sale and spend less time doing it.

We excel in event ticketing software — cloud-based, reliable

Manage GA or reserved seating inventory, marketing, memberships and more with a system built to sell tickets to all sorts of events.

Give your fans the most convenient event ticket purchasing process on the web. Responsive event pages and Facebook ticketing make it easy to buy on any device.

Tixsa’s event ticketing software doesn’t end with online ticket sales. Use reliable ticket scanners and admissions technology to efficiently welcome fans to your events.

We literally never stop coming up with new and cool ways to help you sell more tickets. From viral promotion tools like Promotozoa to direct integration with sites like Facebook and Twitter, we can help maximize the eyes that see your event. Brand New for face book sharing – Incentix - Want to turn your customers into promoters? Learn how Incentix can spread the word about your event by offering rewards in exchange for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Even just one customer sharing your event on Facebook can reach over 200 new potential ticket buyers — and that’s without spending a single extra dime from your marketing budget.

Brand New: Our new Box Office features and system for events and venues - Learn how our Box Office is the essential solution for walk-up sales.

That means there is no hardware to buy, and no software to install and maintain. It also means you can manage your box office without being in your box office.

Start selling tickets directly to your customers via our box office solution and point of sale system. You’ll be able to accept and maintain records for any type of payment at the gate. Integrated with printers and credit card swipes, the system is built for fast and easy transactions. With limited training you staff can learn their way around the interface in minutes.

Let us say that again. YOU are in control of the fees that your customer pays. Want to pass on our low fees directly to the ticket buyer? Want to roll them into your ticket price? Want to mark up our fees? You can do any of the above. Only with tixsa can you adjust your fee structure to encourage high-profit sales channels. And our fees to you? Among the lowest.

Whether you just need online sales or you need to support phone, walk up, and web sales, we have a solution for you.

We do not pull your web traffic away, we fully integrate into your website. With tixsa, your customers stay where they belong: on your site.

Save money and time. Once you create an event in tixsa, the ticketing system keeps your website up-to-date and looking great. From your calendar page to your spotlight page to your search events page, and of course the buy tickets process, it’s all automatic.

– and mobile delivery too! Want to let your customers print their tickets at home? No problem: Print-at-Home is by far the most popular ticket delivery method, and it comes standard with the tixsa system. As does our exclusive Mobile Delivery system which allows your customers to download their tickets directly to any mobile device. More options=more sales.

From the online sales interface to the web-based point of sale screen, every aspect of tixsa has been designed to be “so easy your grandmother can use it.” We even took away the whole login/registration process.

And kick its butt. Each ticket has a unique barcode – virtually eliminating the possibility of fake or duplicate tickets getting through.

Live is a powerful data visualization, built for everyone who’s ever wanted to instantly see what happens when you announce that tickets are on sale. Access a stunning display of real time data about your events, or track your success at a glance by leaving Live up on a second monitor. With our companion iOS app, you can keep an eye on your ticket sales anywhere. With Live, you can literally watch ticket sales as they happen.

Select My Seats: Interactive Seat Map for Reserved Seating Venues - For your next reserved seating event, how do you improve customer satisfaction and reduce call volume at your box office? With Select My Seats, your patrons can find their ideal seats at your venue, whether they want to sit front row center or watch from the comfort of the balcony. We gathered feedback from our clients to build a convenient interactive seat map. Now we'll build your venue and provide your customers with an easy way to purchase specific seats online.