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  • 6 Effective Strategies to Boost Your Event's Presence on TikTok in 2023

    In the fast-paced digital age, TikTok has become a powerful tool for elevating your event marketing strategies. With over 1.6 billion users, this platform offers an extensive reach for your event promotion.
    Here are six effective strategies to maximise your event's presence on TikTok:

    Create an Irresistible Hook: Grab users' attention within the first three seconds by crafting engaging hooks that spark curiosity and convey the va…

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  • 5 Key Steps to Hosting an Environmentally Friendly Event

    In today's world, event attendees increasingly prioritise eco-consciousness when choosing events to attend. Sustainability is no longer an afterthought; it's a crucial factor for attendees who want to support events aligned with their values. Event organisers who are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact can embark on a rewarding journey toward sustainability.

    If you're eager to make your event more eco-friendly but unsure where to begin, here are five essential str…

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  • Strategies for an Efficient Festival Admissions Process

    Preparing for a successful festival or event involves more than just booking entertainment and vendors; it's essential to have an efficient admissions process in place. This ensures that your attendees can enter the event smoothly, allowing your festival to start off on the right foot.

    Here are key factors to consider when planning an effective festival admissions strategy:

    Entry Logistics
    Analyse historical ticketing and admissions data …

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  • Enhance Your Event Sponsorships with These 5 Strategies

    Sponsorships are a pivotal component of a successful event strategy. They not only bolster your event's financial standing but also contribute to keeping attendee costs manageable. Moreover, they bolster the professional standing of your events. Equally important, sponsors reap benefits from quality partnerships through heightened brand visibility and access to new clientele. Elevating your event sponsorship game involves crafting personalised sponsorship packages that effect…

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  • Key Considerations for Selecting an Indoor Event Venue

    Key Considerations for Selecting an Indoor Event Venue

    Selecting the right indoor event venue is a critical decision for event organisers. While indoor venues shield events from weather-related issues, several other vital factors require consideration.

    Assess Venue Capacity
    Accurate attendance estimation is essential. Booking a small venue risk overcrowding and premature sell-out, while an excessively large space strains budgets and may ap…

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  • Introduction to Boosting Your Event's Instagram Following with Reels

    Discover how Instagram Reels, the dynamic short-video format, can be your event's ticket to expanding its Instagram reach. Uncover the potential of Reels to showcase the most thrilling facets of your events.

    Unlocking Reels' Advantages for Event Promotion

    Unleash the power of Reels in propelling your event marketing. Explore how Reels' algorithmic magic connects you with fresh audiences and delve into its unique position to give your content an organic boost. Read more

  • The 4 Ticketing Tools You Need for Your Fandom Events

    The 4 Ticketing Tools You Need for Your Fandom and Expo Type Events

    By David Kennedy |

    Comic cons, gaming expos, and fandom events of all shapes and sizes have grown into massive industries, with new and exciting events coming to life everywhere you look. To stand out amongst competing events and continue to be successful, fandom event organisers need to know they are partnering with a ticketing provider that offers premium services and hands-on experience to he…

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