Events Operations

For major events

Sometimes you need trained experts to help navigate the difficulty of welcoming thousands of people at the gate. If you need our team for on-site support, we'll travel anywhere for your event.

For staff training

Our team has trained staff and volunteers of varying levels of skill and tech savviness. They'll not only train your team on the box office and admissions tools — they'll make sure you become an expert, too.

For logistics and strategy

The Event Ops team has helped organisers plan admissions strategies for everything from pop culture conventions to giant pride festivals. We know how to run successful, massive events

Enlist the help of Event Operations

We pride ourselves on ensuring you and your customers receive the event day experience they deserve. Tixsa's event management technologies have been perfected over years of on-site experience across all imaginable environments. From exhibition registrations, to festival, to sporting events, we understand that the little things can help make all the difference when getting your patrons through the doors.

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