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International platform with robust features for:
Exhibitor, Delegate, Speaker, Patron, Staff, Organisers + Payment Gateway if needed

Recent Projects

Electra Mining, Decorex, Securex, KITE, Propak, WasteCon, various festivals and events

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We become part of your team and deliver the best experience for your visitors from booking to access


Statistics, data trends etc

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Registration software
Printing and designing of badges
Email, invitation and sms services
Operational event services
Onsite management and registration teams
Equipment rentals
Integrated streaming features and production teams

Registration Software

Online Registration Platform
  • The solution is designed to provide a way for event organisers to manage virtual events through a single platform.
  • Collect valuable customer data,
  • Offer multiple ways to have their registrations done,
  • Monetise online events - all while offering visitors to the platform a highly anticipated, engaging online experience.
  • Packing/printing and sorting of exhibitor badges
  • Organsing staff and managing of staff
Customisation and Delivery method
  • Print@home automate badge delivery
  • Sending of batch emails with email notification and badge attached
  • Mobile delivery
  • Back-end access for multiple users
Data Capturing and Reporting
  • Onsite Hourly Pre-Registration Attendance
  • Onsite Hourly New Registration Attendance
  • Onsite Hourly Delegate Registrations Attendance
  • Onsite Hourly Premier Registrations Attendance
  • Onsite Hourly Revisit Attendance
  • Daily Attendance Comparison by Category
  • 2022 - 2018 - 2016

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Exhibitor Registration

Loading of back-end and liaising with exhibitors

Printing and Packing

Alphabetical order, packing, sorting delivery

Onsite Registration assistance

Responsible for smooth access and controlled environment

Recent Projects

Exhibition Style

Electra Mining - Nasrec

5 day event

Securex - Gallagher

4 day event

Decorex - SCC

4 day event

Webinar and Conference Style

Studio (Innovaders Interchange), type and or webinars and seminars within larger events

  • National Lottery
  • PROPAK Briefings

Festival and Similar Style

Festivals, events, choirs, schools and more

  • Supersport Horse Racing events
  • Wegbreekfees
  • Virseker Geesfees
  • Vox Chamber Choir etc

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