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  • Streamline Your Event Planning with Event Series


    Are you tired of the tedious process of creating individual events for recurring dates and times? Whether you're hosting daily, weekly, or monthly events, the hassle of duplicating events can be a real pain. It not only consumes precious time but can also result in messy back-end configurations and disjointed data. These issues can make tasks like financial reporting and ticket inventory management more challenging than they need to be. Fortunately, our s…

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  • Discover the Power of Our Integrated Box Office Ticketing App

    In the world of event management, catering to diverse customer preferences is key to success. Whether your customers prefer to purchase tickets online, over the phone, or in person, you need a versatile box office solution that can handle it all. Our cutting-edge box office ticketing app is designed to empower you to seamlessly manage point-of-sale transactions for both general admission and reserved seating events.

    With our comprehensive system, you'l…

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  • Innovaders Interchange | Immersive Studio

    A creative workspace like no other. Give your client a facility that is designed for great experiences and building teams.

    Our studio offers:
    Immersive studio​
    Special Ideation spaces ​
    Video wall & monitors

    You are welcome to visit us for a viewing, by booking your spot.
    Click on this link below:

    Creative space for developing high perf…

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  • Operational vs. Marketing Emails

    Introduction: Operational and Marketing Emails

    Effortlessly connecting with event attendees is facilitated by our event ticketing system, which empowers you to communicate with customer lists. In the realm of mass email campaigns, two prominent categories emerge: operational and marketing emails. The distinct attributes of these email types, along with pertinent examples, crucial consent considerations, and key differences, are expounded upon below.


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  • Easy-to-Manage Presale and access codes

    Easy-to-Manage Presales

    Discover an effortless way to manage presales with Tixsa's custom coupon codes. Elevate excitement for your event by granting exclusive customers the chance to purchase tickets before the public.

    This strategy not only rewards early birds with discounted tickets and special privileges but also helps you gauge attendee interest early on, enabling better event planning.

    Tixsa simplifies presale implementation, allowing you to effort…

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  • Innovaders Interchange | in person experience

    Innovaders Interchange - Experience our Innovaders Interchange studio in person.

    Give your clients virtual experience using state of the art technology.​

    By booking your slot, we will be able to showcase our studio's various options with you.
    If you are searching for creative space to develop high performance teams, record your next music video, host your workshops, do your event briefings, or simply want to book an immersive space for the best office party, Innovaders I…

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  • Drive Ticket Sales by Remarketing to Loyal Attendees

    When it comes to effective event marketing, there’s no audience segment more likely to convert than your loyal customers.

    That’s where digital re-marketing tactics come into play.

    By targeting your efforts toward those who’ve attended one or more of your events in the past, you’ll be connecting with an audience who’s already familiar with your brand and interested in what your event has to offer.

    This historically engaged segment is the p…

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    Considering years and years of history behind world city marathons, the touching points of landmarks and places of interest on the running courses with the heart of the monopoly board game being “properties” and the fact that these world class marathons are strong brands, make it easy to conclude that when two such strong brands wish to join and sha…

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  • SA Musicians Support

    SA Musicians Support has joined hands and is partnering with TIXSA

    They have offered to assist us in our fundraising efforts and have begun by providing a Donations Page.
    Take a look: https://tickets.tixsa.co.za/event/samsa-building-the-network-benefits-program

    SAMSA is very excited about this Partnership with Tixsa, a company that has extremely high customer service standards and affordable services. We appreciate their lending a hand and supporting music people whenever possib…

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