Our Clients

"Dedicated team and excellent customer service combined with industry experience to make any event a success"
Glenn Cunniff (North West University)
“My name is Jako Loots, I book shows for Anton Goosen and had the privilege to work with the Tixsa ticketing platform on two of my recent events and I can highly recommend them to anyone who is in this line of work. Very easy to use, very friendly and sufficient support and a wide range of possibilities on ticket sales. Any type of event you might have in mind they'll be able to assist you.”
Jako Loots (Booking Agent)
“Die Liedjieboer werk al jare saam met Tixsa want hul diens is uitstaande en deeglik m.a.w die beste! en dis goed genoeg vir my.”
Anton Goosen
"Your system is incredibly user-friendly, the tickets always look amazing, and our marketing girls nailed the scanning. Everything happened effortlessly. You are excellent, truly."
Klaus Jansen Van Vuuren
(Head of department: Dramatic arts, St Mary’s School, Johannesburg)
“We’ve worked with tixsa since 2017 on our fair — given the nature of our clientele and the VIP experience we require, it is essential our ticketing provider operate at high level and be ready to problem solve. We have worked together each year to tailor the invite process and systems for our VIPs and tixsa always delivers. In addition to the bespoke offering they provide for our VIPs, they have the best customer service and front of house for our general ticketing needs. We never worry with tixsa!"
FNB Art Joburg
"TIXSA, T-rustworthy, I-nnovative, X-factor, S-upportive, A-lways willing to go the extra mile. Akustika is still proud to be a client of this excellent platform."
Christo (Akustika)
""Tixsa operates from a professional base, yet the client feels at all times that they are getting personal attention. We are a Cape Town client and we have always felt that the distance is no problem as we have been visited by them on several occasions and it is no problem for them to meet us down here.We recommend Tixsa highly as a company with integrity, high moral values and positive work ethic.All dealings that we have had with them have been without problems and their dedication and commitment to us as a client has always been beyond reproach."
Trudy Hoefnagels ( Bishops Eisteddfod)
“Aan die begin van die grendel tydperk het ek verskeie aanlyn kaartjie maatskappye probeer. Wanneer jy ‘n probleem het kan jy gewoonlik nie die regte persoon bereik nie. Dit het baie frustrasies veroorsaak want met die aanlyn gemeenskap moet dinge vinnig gebeur en kan jy nie sukkel met probleme oplos nie. ‘n Vriend het my in kontak gesit met Tixsa. Van dag 1 af kon ek met Charlene skakel wat aan die stuur van sake staan. In ‘n japtrap was Tixsa gereed vir ons aanlyn vertonings. Dit was gebruikersvriendelik en wanneer kliënte probleme gehad het was dit onmiddellik aangespreek. Tixsa kon met elke versoek aanpas by ons model wat net nog ‘n groter plus punt was. Dit is met trots en baie vertroue dat ons met elke program Tixsa as ons aanlyn kaartjie vennote verkondig. Charlene en haar span maak ‘n groot verskil in die Woes opset.”
Jaco van Dyk (WOES)
We highly recommend the services of Tixsa to you. We have used them to run our box office since Feb 2014 and have always been satisfied with their systems as well as support. The Tixsa backend offers every kind of reporting statistic that you could ask for. We are able to customise our reports to suit our own needs. The system is very user friendly from a patrons perspective and our students have switched over to the mobile platform without a hitch. We load all my own shows, with merchandise, as well as make use of the marketing features that they offer. Webintegration was seamless & the social media marketing is fabulous.
The Galloway Theatre
“I was initially introduced to Charlene and her team when working with SouthPoint Management Services and the Joburg Roof Top Venue Randlords. It was because of this positive engagement that we asked TIXSA to tender for our ticketing needs when the company began managing The Color Run event series.The TIXSA proposal stood out far above the rest as they committed to deliver on a specific request that none of the other agencies were prepared to negotiate.They always went the extra mile to ensure our customers were looked after. In fact, they became an integral part of our team contributing to a seamless customer experience. This was no mean feat considering that they issued tickets and managed access for in excess of 250 000 customers for this event series alone while simultaneously managing their other contracts.I highly recommend the TIXSA system and specifically the tea at TIXSA who are highly competent, extremely knowledgeable, and always eager to please. “
Trevor Latimer (The Color Run / Director TRXN)
The Capital Singers – a division of BAOBAB MUSIC – is a part of our business that requires tremendous support from a ticketing company, as there are many components to our business. We have registration tickets, concert tickets and even packages that need to be bought when taking shows to other provinces in the country. Our shows literally sell tens of thousands of tickets annually and thus we need a trusted supplier. Our relationship with TIXSA has grown tremendously over the years and we simply cannot see ourselves working with any other organisation.Purchasing online tickets through TIXSA is simple and convenient. In truth, any company can be successful in this. The relationship that is established between TIXSA and their clients is truly remarkable and the reason for our continued support towards this company. Their continued assistance towards us as the client, as well as towards our patrons is what makes all the difference.Unlike any other ticketing company that we have collaborated with, TIXSA has a unique online system that easy for us, the client, to manage and has far more benefits concerning the back-end system. We can contact our patrons with the click of a button, and TIXSA gives us full control over our database throughout the process. This is a massive advantage to any business that requires constant communication with its clientele. The greatest benefit, however, has to do with the fact that TIXSA tailor makes its packages and contracts to suit the needs of the individual. No company is the same, and they understand this. Our business relies solely on the sale of tickets for our shows – and without their understanding and assistance in structuring an affordable fee agreement; we would simply not have a company to run. Good business is business that makes sense – an our partnership with TIXSA makes perfect sense.For far too long, ticketing companies in South Africa have been a monopoly and as a result, fees have been too high and business has become mediocre. TIXSA is changing this! It is refreshing to collaborate with an organisation that believes in the values of integrity, fair trade, kindness and going the distance. We will surely continue our partnership with TIXSA for years to come – and hope that they are giving the opportunity to serve others in the same professional way as we have been treated.We wish them all the best in their future endeavours.
Michael Barret, Christo Burger, Baobab Music, The Capital Singers
I have found their willingness to serve our needs exemplary at a time when lack of service seems to be de rigueur and overlooked at best. They present turnkey solutions to their client’s needs and their demeanour in this manner is extremely refreshing. I have no doubt that whoever chooses to engage with TIXSA will have made a business partner of excellent standing and that your company will benefit wholly from such.
Trevor W. Harper (Retired Registrar: AFDA JHB)
We recently partnered with TIXSA for the Kip Moore concerts we hosted at the Grand Arena, GrandWest and we were more than pleased from start to finish.

The Support we received from them went above and beyond what we expected. TIXSA’s support handled every customer with absolute professionality and in the process making our lives easier.

The Access Management at the venue went so smooth, that Grand West’s management came to us, saying they are very impressed with how TIXSA handled this and they use many different ticketing companies.

The first test for us working with TIXSA was how their system would handle the floorplan and seated bookings and what the online experience for users would be. What neither of us expected was that we will sell 6500 tickets in 20 minutes. I think it is safe to say that their system handled this VERY well and the feedback that we received via our platforms was that it was very easy to buy tickets.

All and all, I would give TIXSA five stars for the overall experience in working with them and will certainly recommend TIXSA as a ticketing partner. They went from being an option as a ticketing partner to friends of Bok Radio during this whole process.