Drive Ticket Sales by Remarketing to Loyal Attendees

When it comes to effective event marketing, there’s no audience segment more likely to convert than your loyal customers.

That’s where digital re-marketing tactics come into play.

By targeting your efforts toward those who’ve attended one or more of your events in the past, you’ll be connecting with an audience who’s already familiar with your brand and interested in what your event has to offer.

This historically engaged segment is the perfect target for your re-marketing efforts, often leading to increased ROI and an overall boost in ticket sales.

Not sure where to begin?

You’re in the right place! Read on for ideas on the audience and platforms you should use to re-market your events!

Target Two Key Audiences


  • As your yet-to-sell-out event approaches, you’ll likely be paying even closer attention to your marketing efforts, searching for every opportunity to take your campaigns over the finish line. What you may not have realised is that you’ve been sitting on the perfect target audience for your next round of ads all along!
  • Using the customer data, you’ve collected from past ticket sales; you can identify customers who’ve attended one or more of your events in the past but have yet to make a purchase for your latest experience.
  • This segment represents a group of customers who’ve had an affinity for your brand, and if you’ve got the right tools, they’re easy to identify!
  • For instance, our Segments tool enables event organisers to dig deep into their past event data, quickly identify those who have attended any number of past events, and then determine if they have yet to pull the trigger on that next set of tickets.


  • Re-marketing doesn’t have to end when a customer buys a ticket!
  • There’s always an opportunity to push post-sale add-ons or upgrades for your event.
  • For example, if you want to drive attendance for an additional on-site activity, like a meet & greet or exclusive VIP experience, send your registered attendees an email blast promoting it.
  • You can also create lists of ticket buyers who have yet to upgrade and create targeted ads that encourage further action from those already planning to attend.
  • Plus, you can leverage your attendee database and empower sponsors to send personalised messages to your audience, or you can send surveys to collect information on your attendees’ interests and preferences.
  • Then, use that information for your future events and campaigns.

Use Different Marketing Channels

  1. Once you’ve determined your target audience(s), you should choose the best channel to reach them.
  2. Upload these lists into different marketing platforms and tailor your messaging to them.

We’ve broken down a few tried-and-true channels we recommend you re-market on:

1. Paid Social Media Ads

  • With paid social ads, you can display unique aspects of your events through a variety of visually engaging content.
  • These ads are an effective way to drive awareness by highlighting exciting features like celebrity guests and performance lineup announcements. And if you’re looking to expand your reach beyond just your past attendees, you can also create new audiences that share similarities to your customer list.

2. Google Ads

  • Through Google Display ads, you can place your banner ad creatives on Google’s network of 2 million+ websites.
  • Upload the customer list you’d like to re-market to, and your event branding will follow them as they browse the internet, providing a recurring reminder to make that desired purchase.

3. Email Campaigns

  • Email is a great way to reach your audience! With email campaigns, you can periodically incentivise your past attendees to return to the show. For example, send messages with discount codes and special offers to loyal ticket buyers like a 10% off coupon code if they purchase in the next 5 days.
  • Ready to start your attendee re-marketing journey? Find out more about our Segments tool, and let’s get started today!

4. Segments

  • Utilise Segments to filter and group your customers based on criteria such as location, spending habits, purchase history, event attendance, and more.
  • Sell more tickets and better engage with customers by developing a deeper understanding of their needs and preferences.
  • Launch highly targeted marketing campaigns, re-marketing ads, and customer loyalty emails.

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