Easy-to-Manage Presale and access codes

Easy-to-Manage Presales

Discover an effortless way to manage presales with Tixsa's custom coupon codes. Elevate excitement for your event by granting exclusive customers the chance to purchase tickets before the public.

This strategy not only rewards early birds with discounted tickets and special privileges but also helps you gauge attendee interest early on, enabling better event planning.

Tixsa simplifies presale implementation, allowing you to effortlessly create and distribute codes from the admin interface.

This feature goes hand in hand with Access Codes

Discover the power of personalised access codes for your events! With our system, you can craft unique codes that unveil special pricing tiers, adding an element of exclusivity to your event.

As your event's sale date approaches, you might want to regulate ticket purchases. Our solution lets you easily generate event-specific access codes.

These codes grant restricted entry to concealed pricing options on your event page. For instance, you could use these codes to provide loyal customers with hidden perks, keeping them exclusive.

Alternatively, you could unlock a concealed VIP price level.

Leverage this feature to create a sense of urgency and desire among your audience.

To explore presale codes and other available coupons, reach out to us at support@tixsa.co.za