Elevate your events with Tixsa’s event solution

Creating truly magical experiences for attendees requires the right event technology. Tixsa's suite of products offers a range of features to simplify ticket purchases, streamline registrations, and enhance on-site experiences.

Let's unwrap the key offerings that will make your events unforgettable for the whole family.

Seamless Ticket Purchase Process:
Tixsa streamlines the ticketing process, making it easier for attendees to plan their visit. Customise event listings to match your brand, utilise powerful timed entry features for better control, and offer reserved seating options for special attractions. The checkout process allows for custom questions, demographic information collection, and the opportunity to add merchandise or VIP upsells, boosting pre-event revenue.

Easy Registration & Waivers:
After ticket purchase, attendees can register for a personalised experience through a unique microsite linked to their confirmation email. This space serves as a hub for tracking interactions, on-site purchases, and completing necessary waivers, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both organisers and attendees.

Streamlined Access Control:
Efficiently manage admissions with predetermined time slots, mobile ticket options, and a user-friendly ticket scanning app. Consider the use of RFID credentials for quick and hassle-free entry. Advanced real-time reporting tools provide insights into attendance, helping plan staffing and procedures for future dates. On-site walk-up sales are simplified with the integrated box office app.

Immersive On-Site Experiences:
Tixsa offers engaging on-site experiences, including interactive photo and video booths with holiday-themed props. Connect these experiences to attendees' microsites for easy access to cherished moments. Transform your event into a scavenger hunt with gamification options, offering rewards for specific actions. These on-site activations also present valuable sponsorship opportunities, allowing sponsors to create lasting connections with attendees associating their brand with an unforgettable event experience.

Tixsa’s event hardware and software features provide a comprehensive solution to elevate your events. From seamless ticketing and easy registration to immersive on-site experiences, this suite of products ensures a seasonal success for your festivities.

It's time to redefine your narrative, connect authentically, and achieve the results that truly matter, by using Tixsa’s event toolkit. Elevate, inspire, and drive—your brand's potential knows no bounds!

Get started today and make this 2024’s events truly magical!
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