Enhance Your Event Sponsorships with These 5 Strategies

Sponsorships are a pivotal component of a successful event strategy. They not only bolster your event's financial standing but also contribute to keeping attendee costs manageable. Moreover, they bolster the professional standing of your events. Equally important, sponsors reap benefits from quality partnerships through heightened brand visibility and access to new clientele. Elevating your event sponsorship game involves crafting personalised sponsorship packages that effectively showcase sponsors' branding and messages to their target audience. In the pursuit of securing top-tier sponsors, consider these five innovative approaches that can turn your sponsorship packages into irresistible offerings.

1. Unique Supplementary Experiences:

Dazzle sponsors and captivate attendees with exclusive supplemental activities that extend beyond the main event. Create a sponsored photo booth or interactive art installation for sharing on social media, offering a novel way for sponsors to engage attendees. Alternatively, host an after-party headlined by the main event's star act, providing sponsors with an opportunity to present a private performance. Elevate the experience further by arranging sponsor-hosted meet-and-greet sessions with celebrity guests, effectively integrating sponsors into attendees' peak excitement moments.

2. Personalised Brand Messaging via Mobile App:

Leverage your event's mobile app to deliver sponsored push notifications, ensuring sponsors remain at the forefront of attendees' minds throughout the event. As attendees check in, let sponsors extend a warm welcome through targeted messages. Throughout the event, employ notifications to guide attendees to sponsors' booths or remind them of post-event activities. Additionally, sharing opt-in attendee lists with qualifying sponsors enables personalised email outreach, fostering valuable connections between interested attendees and brands.

3. Prominent Brand Exposure Within the Mobile App:

Harness the potential of your event's mobile app to amplify sponsors' brand visibility. Incorporate banner ads atop the homepage or schedule, integrate sponsored polls, or showcase a splash page upon app launch. Presenting celebrities or performances under sponsors' banners enhances their presence further. A simple "Presented by [Sponsor Name]" alongside a performer's title effectively associates the sponsor with attendee-favourite acts.

4. Integration into Gamified Experiences:

Integrate sponsors into gamified experiences to attract more attendees to their booths. Design a scavenger hunt that includes visiting sponsor booths as tasks. Attendees who complete the tasks receive clues to further locations and are rewarded with branded swag, elevating sponsor recall long after the event concludes.

5. VIP Access and Perks:

Show appreciation to sponsors by offering VIP perks as part of your sponsorship package. Extend complimentary tickets or exclusive passes to designated areas, catering to sponsors' teams and fostering loyalty. Sponsors can also leverage these perks as rewards for their top customers or contest winners, enhancing their relationship with attendees.
Elevating your sponsorship offerings transforms potential sponsors into invaluable partners. By curating high-quality branding opportunities, you not only secure current sponsorships but also establish enduring relationships that span multiple years.