FNB Art Joburg 08-10.09.23

FNB Art Joburg 08-10.09.23

Africa’s leading and longest running contemporary art fair, FNB Art Joburg will return to Sandton Convention Centre for its 16th edition. We look forward to seeing you there to offer you the best in contemporary African art.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Johannesburg, FNB Art Joburg stands tall as the continent's premier and most enduring showcase of contemporary African art. It plays a pivotal role in nurturing and fostering a thriving commercial art industry with a firm focus on African and diasporic talents.

This annual event is more than just an art fair; it's a convergence of curatorial and commercial brilliance, meticulously organised into six distinct sections: Gallery HUB, Gallery LAB, MAX, ETC, AUX, and ORG.

Gallery HUB, often referred to as the fair's nucleus, is where the crème de la crème of contemporary African art from across the globe congregates. It's a testament to the fair's commitment to quality over quantity.
Adjacent to Gallery HUB is Gallery LAB, a visionary space dedicated to incubating emerging galleries and hybrid art venues. Here, novel ideas and groundbreaking business models are explored, shaping the future of contemporary African art.
MAX is the realm for avant-garde installations and artworks that defy the limitations of conventional gallery booths. It’s where artistic boundaries are pushed and creativity knows no bounds.

For those with a penchant for printed art, the ETC section is a treasure trove of books, prints, catalogues, and zines. It's a rendezvous with master print and publishing houses, offering art enthusiasts a rich and diverse experience.
The ORG section represents Johannesburg's seminal art institutions, challenging traditional notions of public engagement with these organisations. Whether museums, universities, or private institutions, this section provides hands-on exploration of institutions established for the greater good.

In the AUX section, sponsored by ITOO ArtInsure, a fascinating world of talks, screenings, public lectures, and audio essays unfolds. It's a platform that brings industry luminaries to the public, delving into an array of topics influencing the contemporary art scene.

Beyond the three-day fair, FNB Art Joburg remains steadfast in its commitment to audience and collector development. This mission is carried forward through educational initiatives and immersive programs known as ArtJoburg.com, the BMW Young Collectors Co., and Open City.

In the dynamic realm of contemporary African art, FNB Art Joburg is not just an event; it's a cultural pilgrimage, a marketplace of ideas, and a celebration of creativity that knows no boundaries.

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