Open your in-person events!

Manage event capacity with ease.

   Timed Entry

Control capacity at individual time slots and always know who is in attendance. By managing entrance times to your event, you can stagger admissions to ensure social distancing and set dedicated cleaning and sanitizing times throughout the day.

   Reserved Seating

Build out an exact replica of your venue and enable customers to select their seats ahead of time. Group seats together and require customers to purchase entire blocks to keep interaction between parties to a minimum.

   General Admission

Set up tables for your venue and require attendees to reserve an entire table when they purchase tickets to your event. Once they arrive, attendees can claim a table on a first-come-first-served basis.

Create a contactless event experience.


Get attendees into your event safely and quickly with touchless admissions technology. Empower your staff to easily scan in QR codes, or use RFID technology to admit customers with a wave of their wristband or badge. 


Strengthen your contact tracing efforts by encouraging every attendee to register early for your event so you can collect more data and contact them afterwards with any important health information. Plus, you can add required waivers directly into your pre-event registration.

 Mobile Ordering

Enable attendees to order and pay for concessions from your app. After they place their order, attendees can pick it up directly from the vendor, skipping the lines and stay socially distanced throughout the entire process.

 Cashless Payments

Empower your customers to make purchases with a wave of their RFID wristband, and reduce queuing across your event. With cashless payments, attendees can make purchases without physical interaction.

Stay in constant communication with attendees.

 Email Reminders

Share important information with your customers before, during, and after your event. Use our email reminder feature to alert your attendees 24 hours before your event of your onsite rules, safety regulations, and processes.

 Push Notifications

Deliver impactful messaging to attendees directly to their phones. During your event, use push notifications and proximity messaging to remind attendees of pertinent information based on their interests, location, and more through your app. 

 Post-Event Outreach

Take advantage of the attendee data collected before and during your event to send them targeted communications afterwards, like important health information, promotions for future events, and more. 

Maintain social distancing while fully immersing attendees.

Self-Serve Media Activations

Set up media activations and gamified experiences attendees can interact with without staff assistance. Offer games like digital scavenger hunts so attendees can earn points and win prizes, and set up onsite activations so they can take their own unique photos and videos

 Lead Capture

Allow customers to leave a “digital business card” with your sponsors and vendors with a wave of their RFID wristbands. You’ll capture attendee data throughout your entire event, so you know exactly who they are and what they’re interacting with. 

Expand your reach to worldwide audiences.

 Live Streaming

Deliver compelling content to worldwide attendees by live streaming your in-person event. If attendees can’t make it to your event, enable them to purchase access to your live stream to watch at their convenience.

 Virtual Meet & Greets

Give attendees the chance to meet their favorite celebrities from the comfort of their own home with virtual meet & greets. With powerful features like live celebrity chats and personalized videos, you’ll engage global audiences and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Know your attendees like never before. 

 Historical Data

Tap into your historical attendance data to help plan for your reopening. Learn high-traffic days and times and know which in-event experiences are most popular so you can better allocate resources and spread out attendee arrival times as needed. 

 Real-Time Insights

Ensure your event is always running smoothly with real-time data features. Get up-to-the-minute event updates sent to your phone, receive alerts when a certain number of attendees have been admitted or VIPs arrive, and view daily automated reports on your most important event data.