Strategies for an Efficient Festival Admissions Process

Preparing for a successful festival or event involves more than just booking entertainment and vendors; it's essential to have an efficient admissions process in place. This ensures that your attendees can enter the event smoothly, allowing your festival to start off on the right foot.

Here are key factors to consider when planning an effective festival admissions strategy:

Entry Logistics
Analyse historical ticketing and admissions data to estimate resource requirements.
Consider last year's attendance, queue wait times, and attendee feedback.
Use projected sales data to plan for potential crowd size changes.
For larger crowds, open multiple gates from various entry points.

Team Communication
Implement a unified communication channel for all staff members, such as walkie-talkies or mobile apps like Slack, Trello or Viva Engage.
Establish a clear staff hierarchy, so team members know where to seek support.
Ensure staff has up-to-date information to reduce confusion and improve attendee assistance.

Equipment Rentals
Determine essential admissions equipment, such as ticket scanners, computers, printers, and power sources.
Check venue internet infrastructure or invest in multiple hot spots for reliable WiFi.
Decide on ticketing methods: physical or digital and validate pre-purchased tickets via scanners or computer stations.

Queue Management
Maintain efficient line management by using stanchions or bike racks to separate queues.
Designate specific lines for VIP, walk-up sales, and will call attendees.
Share the festival layout on your website and social media to guide attendees to the correct entrances.

Ticket Design
Ensure that each ticket type (e.g., wristbands, badges, or tickets) has a distinct colour.
Use wristbands to prevent unauthorised entry and sharing of premium packages.
Clearly differentiate various ticket types, price levels, and VIP packages for easy staff identification.

A streamlined admissions process not only minimises wait times but also contributes to a positive event experience for your attendees. By considering these strategies, you can enhance the efficiency of your festival's admissions and set the stage for a memorable event.