The 4 Ticketing Tools You Need for Your Fandom Events

The 4 Ticketing Tools You Need for Your Fandom and Expo Type Events

By David Kennedy |

Comic cons, gaming expos, and fandom events of all shapes and sizes have grown into massive industries, with new and exciting events coming to life everywhere you look. To stand out amongst competing events and continue to be successful, fandom event organisers need to know they are partnering with a ticketing provider that offers premium services and hands-on experience to help them grow their businesses.
Read on to discover the four key tools and services your ticketing partner should offer to take your fandom event above and beyond!

Event Operations & Access Control

With thousands of excited fans lining up to connect with their peers, check out vendors, and meet some of their favourite creators and celebrities, you need to be confident that your admissions process moves swiftly and efficiently. Luckily, our Event Operations team’s vast experience working with live events is at your disposal, whether you need advice on building an admissions strategy, on-site training for your staff, or even an extra set of hands at the gate!

Personalised Event Support

Whether it’s setting up your event’s ticketing page, managing high-demand ticket releases, or adding merchandise upsells to your convention’s online checkout, you’ll want an experienced team you can rely on every step of the way. To ensure top-notch support, our expert Client Services team can provide quick answers, system support, consultation on best practices, and so much more.

Ticket Buyer Assistance

We’ve been there before: in the weeks leading up to your event, something unexpected happens. For example, maybe one of your celebrity guests has a sudden scheduling conflict and is forced to drop out. By partnering with our in-house customer care team, you can rely on our dedicated call center and email support team to help your customers in this or any other situation. Our team, abiding by your event’s unique policies, can assist with ticket purchases and exchanges, travel directions, finding nearby restaurants and lodging, and answering any questions your fans may have in order to ensure a flawless experience at your event.

Gated Access to Virtual Content

Your in-person experiences are always going to be your bread and butter, but another great way to keep your fans engaged before, during, and after your convention is by offering virtual content. By live streaming paid-access panels, meet & greets, or Q&A sessions, and providing a platform for fans to directly interact with their favourite celebrities, you’re simultaneously providing your audience with a taste of what your full, in-person event has to offer, while also harnessing another source of revenue you may have been missing. Fortunately, our system has the perfect solution to provide these online companion experiences while also ensuring that only paid, registered viewers can gain access.

Is your convention/festival/expo event currently missing out on any of these important tools? If so, find out how our team can help you today!

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