Unveiling the Future: Live Streaming Transforms Virtual Events

Event attendees are more interconnected than ever, the time is ripe to bring your live event into the online realm. Introducing our cutting-edge virtual events solution, designed to help you tap into new audiences, gain profound insights, and monetise your digital gatherings. Equipped with advanced ticketing, event management, and marketing tools, coupled with an intuitive access control system for streamed events, our solution empowers you to seamlessly create, promote, and generate substantial revenue from virtual experiences.

Join us as we explore the myriad benefits of leveraging our platform to host your virtual events!

Maximising Revenue Opportunities
Monetise your streamed events with a diverse range of paid access options. Tailor your approach to match your content, whether it's offering pre-set price tiers, a flat rate, or experimenting with features like donation solicitation or our pay-what-you-want functionality, comprehensive with suggested pricing. Enhance the user experience by incorporating additional upsells such as merchandise, fan club memberships, and VIP upgrades directly on the purchase page, providing attendees with exclusive video content.

Efficient Event Management
Utilise our customisable event listings to sell access to your virtual event just as seamlessly as you would for an in-person gathering. Add your event branding, customise price levels, donations, and descriptions, all while managing stream access options from one centralised location. When attendees are ready to join your virtual event, guide them to a bespoke pre-event screen showcasing event details and a countdown timer to build anticipation for the start time.

Expanding Your Global Reach
Take advantage of the flexibility offered by an entirely online experience, enabling you to host events from any location. Create an unforgettable online experience for attendees worldwide, broadening your reach and fostering engagement. As a bonus, conclude your live stream with a personalised message thanking attendees and use the post-event screen to encourage continued engagement and provide information about upcoming streams!

Gaining Valuable Insights
Harness customer and access code data to gain deeper insights into your audience and optimise future marketing strategies. Instead of traditional tickets, provide customers with unique access codes upon completing their purchase. These codes serve as digital tickets, granting entry to your stream and enabling you to track attendance and secure exclusive content by ensuring each code is valid for a single stream.

Are you ready to elevate your event experience to new heights? Discover more about our comprehensive virtual events offering from our parent company, Leap Event Technologies, and let's craft an unforgettable experience together! Contact email: support@tixsa.co.za