Analytics & Reporting

Keep an eye on your events

Understand your event at a glance

Calling all number-crunchers and data addicts: our Admin tools have what you crave. Dig deep with custom templates in our Reports section, or when you just need a quick update on how your event is selling, our stunning data visualisations make it easy to identify and act fast. Learn more about your customers, your events, your marketing — and most importantly, your success!

Live — Real time ticketing analytics

Watch ticket sales as they happen

Ever wanted to instantly see what happens to your ticket sales when you make your big public announcement? Live is a powerful data visualisation that provides a stunning display of real time data about your events. Sign in to Live for an instant update on your sales, or track your success at a glance by leaving Live up on a second monitor. With our companion iOS app, you can keep an eye on your ticket sales anywhere.

Own Your Audience

Learn more about ticket buyers

Survey your customers with questions during the checkout process, and gather additional information for your marketing efforts. We’ll also provide access to customer data for email outreach and quick reference in your account.

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