Box Office Ticketing

Sell tickets wherever you do business

Flexible box office and point of sale software

Easier ticket purchases = more ticket sales

Tired of subjecting your customers to pages and pages of confirmations just to buy a ticket? Give your customers a hassle-free ticket buying experience. From high demand on-sales to exclusive member registrations, tixsa's event ticketing system makes online purchasing easier.

Simple, yet powerful

All of the point-of-sale features without the frustration

GA or Reserved

Crowd supports both GA and reserved seating events. Select individual seats for customers on a detailed seating chart.

Transaction History

Keep consistent records in your account for every transaction: online ticket purchases, orders over the phone, and cash, check, or credit sales at the door.

Shopping Cart

Turn Crowd into a virtual shopping cart for your customer, and add tickets, coupons and donations across multiple events in a single transaction.

Print your own tickets

Compatible with thermal printers and credit card readers

Looking for a solution to print at the door as tickets are sold? Connect Crowd with compatible Boca thermal ticket printers, available for lease through tixsa. Alternatively, print from your own laser printer, or email tickets to your customers right from the box office.

No plastic? No problem

Accept any type of payment

Crowd upgrades your point of sale by allowing you to accept all types of payment, including cash, credit, debit, check or complimentary. Swipe customer payments quickly with compatible USB credit card readers. Maintain records in your account for all transactions, whether you’re processing online ticket purchases, orders over the phone or walk-up sales at the door.

Unlimited, easy usage
No setup fees, easy to train your staff without any transitional headaches.

When we built Crowd, our goal was to make ticket sales for box office staff as easy as online ticket sales are for your customers. Our clients tell us the system is so easy to navigate, they’ve been able to train their teams quickly without any transitional headaches.

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