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  • Waterberg Hartswerkfees (1-3 Sept 2023)

    Dit klink na 'n ongelooflike geleentheid! Die Waterberg Hartswerkfees lyk na 'n fees vol kuns, kos, musiek, en vriende in die pragtige omgewing van die Waterberge se bosveld. Hier is 'n kort samevatting van die hoogtepunte en en wat julle kan verwag by die fees.

    Vrydag, 1 September 2023 om 4:00nm - Sondag, 3 September 2023 tot 12:00vm

    Die Boer en Die Belg se gasteplaa…

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  • Vox Spring Concert | Vox Lentekonsert Sun. 3 Sep, 2023 at 3:00pm


    Vox Chamber Choir and Franco Prinsloo, renowned composer and conductor, invites you to attend the 7th annual Vox Spring Concert taking place on Sunday, 3 September 2023 at 15:00 at the Voortrekkermonument, Heldesaal in Pretoria.

    Vox will celebrate the arrival of spring by performing their new a cappella repertoire in the Heldesaal, with its fantastic acoustics. Guest choirs will include Hoërskool …

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  • Operational vs. Marketing Emails

    Introduction: Operational and Marketing Emails

    Effortlessly connecting with event attendees is facilitated by our event ticketing system, which empowers you to communicate with customer lists. In the realm of mass email campaigns, two prominent categories emerge: operational and marketing emails. The distinct attributes of these email types, along with pertinent examples, crucial consent considerations, and key differences, are expounded upon below.


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  • Key Considerations for Selecting an Indoor Event Venue

    Key Considerations for Selecting an Indoor Event Venue

    Selecting the right indoor event venue is a critical decision for event organisers. While indoor venues shield events from weather-related issues, several other vital factors require consideration.

    Assess Venue Capacity
    Accurate attendance estimation is essential. Booking a small venue risk overcrowding and premature sell-out, while an excessively large space strains budgets and may ap…

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    Get Ready to Rock at the Malmesbury Music Festival Experience! (October 19-21, 2023)

    Hey there, music lovers! Clear your calendars and brace yourselves for an electrifying extravaganza of melodies and rhythms at the Malmesbury Music Festival (Die Swartland Fees). It's the ultimate showdown of extraordinary and diverse musical talents from all corners of South Africa, and it's happening from October 19th to 21st, 2023. So, gear up to be blown away!

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  • Juan Boucher LIVE @ Dozi's Back to the Roots

    Juan Boucher is met rede een van Suid-Afrika se gewildste kunstenaars.
    Sy musiek het die vermoë om jou dansvloer toe te sleep, sy stem skuur soos honderdgrein skuurpapier oor die klank van elektriese kitare en met sy lirieke deel hy digterlik en opreg sy eie ervarings.

    Juan wie inspirasie vanuit sy eie lewe put om liedjies te skryf, het besluit om sy nuwe album 'HIER WAAR EK NOU IS' te noem. 'HIER WAAR EK NOU IS'; is die kulminasie van evolusie waardeur Juan g…

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  • Introduction to Boosting Your Event's Instagram Following with Reels

    Discover how Instagram Reels, the dynamic short-video format, can be your event's ticket to expanding its Instagram reach. Uncover the potential of Reels to showcase the most thrilling facets of your events.

    Unlocking Reels' Advantages for Event Promotion

    Unleash the power of Reels in propelling your event marketing. Explore how Reels' algorithmic magic connects you with fresh audiences and delve into its unique position to give your content an organic boost. Read more

  • Easy-to-Manage Presale and access codes

    Easy-to-Manage Presales

    Discover an effortless way to manage presales with Tixsa's custom coupon codes. Elevate excitement for your event by granting exclusive customers the chance to purchase tickets before the public.

    This strategy not only rewards early birds with discounted tickets and special privileges but also helps you gauge attendee interest early on, enabling better event planning.

    Tixsa simplifies presale implementation, allowing you to effort…

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  • Innovaders Interchange | in person experience

    Innovaders Interchange - Experience our Innovaders Interchange studio in person.

    Give your clients virtual experience using state of the art technology.​

    By booking your slot, we will be able to showcase our studio's various options with you.
    If you are searching for creative space to develop high performance teams, record your next music video, host your workshops, do your event briefings, or simply want to book an immersive space for the best office party, Innovaders I…

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  • Choral Celebration Festival 15 and 16

    Choral Celebration Network Events

    Keeping choral music alive by connecting choirs and conductors worldwide!

    Choral Celebration Festival 15 Sat. 12 Aug, 2023 at 6:30pm

    Ticket prices:
    General Admission: R120 pp
    Pensioners/Students: R100 pp
    Children U12: R60 pp
    Group of +10 People: R100 pp
    Door Sales: R120pp (no discounts)

    Get your tickets here:…

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  • The 4 Ticketing Tools You Need for Your Fandom Events

    The 4 Ticketing Tools You Need for Your Fandom and Expo Type Events

    By David Kennedy |

    Comic cons, gaming expos, and fandom events of all shapes and sizes have grown into massive industries, with new and exciting events coming to life everywhere you look. To stand out amongst competing events and continue to be successful, fandom event organisers need to know they are partnering with a ticketing provider that offers premium services and hands-on experience to he…

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  • Open your in-person events!

    Manage event capacity with ease.   Timed Entry

    Control capacity at individual time slots and always know who is in attendance. By managing entrance times to your event, you can stagger admissions to ensure social distancing and set dedicated cleaning and sanitizing times throughout the day.

       Reserved Seating

    Build out an exact replica of your venue and enable customers to select their seats ahead …

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